All Burning Banned in Canby Fire District due to COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted life in many ways for Canby area residents, but it didn’t manage to cancel spring.

But while now may seem like the perfect time to get some outdoor work done, including the burning of some winter brush, Canby Fire District residents are advised to rethink those plans: All burning is banned until further notice due to respiratory issues associated with COVID-19.

This includes a ban on recreational fires and enclosed outdoor burning such as fire pits, the Canby Now Podcast has confirmed.

“COVID-19 affects the respiratory system,” the Canby Fire District said in a April 6 social media post. “Fever, cough, and difficulty breathing are the most common symptoms. While some people with COVID-19 are hospitalized, most patients recover at home, where smoke from a nearby outdoor burn could worsen their condition.”

While Canby Fire’s prohibition is a mandatory ban, all Oregonians have been asked to voluntarily refrain from outdoor burning activities to prevent additional health impacts from the novel coronavirus. In an April 4 Facebook post, the Oregon Department of Forestry said the statewide request for a voluntary refrainment is to help preserve the limited resources local fire districts and other emergency services.

“During the current pandemic smoke from fires could cause upper respiratory issues that may be incorrectly attributed to COVID-19, and first responders are at limited capacity to respond to fires that get out of control,” the forestry department said. “Thank you for being a good neighbor!”

Agricultural and backyard burning is currently allowed in the Aurora Fire District, according to its daily burn line and page.

Later in the week, Canby Fire relaxed some of these restrictions, allowing agricultural for-profit burning and rural outdoor burning from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday, while backyard burning within city limits remained closed.

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BURN RESTRICTIONS FOR 4.8.20*Agricultural for profit burning is allowed from 10am-6pm*Rural burning outside city limits is allowed from 10am-6pm*Backyard burning in the city remains closed*Recreational fires are okay if the smoke doesn’t negatively impact neighbors5032661195

Recreational fires are OK, as long as “the smoke does not negatively impact your neighbors,” the fire district said.

For the latest information, call the Canby Fire District’s daily burn line at 503-266-1195.

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