A Bottle of Wine from the Best Wineries in Texas

Don’t you just love the earthy scent of red wine while you’re taking a luxurious bath, after a busy day at work? What about the sweet aftertaste of champagne while eating a superb dinner, after a stressful week? Many would say that enjoying a glass of wine can just easily alleviate any stressors and pain in the world.

Wine is proven to be beneficial for the body. It contains antioxidants and aids the circulation of blood in the body. Moderate drinking of wine also boosts the cognitive performance of a person. Besides that, wine is good for the heart as it prevents heart diseases and stroke if taken in safe amounts. So, wouldn’t you treat yourself with a glass?

The question now is, where can you buy the best wine that would soothe your taste? A wine that has aged-well perfectly with a fragrant scent and a taste of heaven is always available in Texas. Because of the perfect climate and the nutrient-rich soil, Texas has been the home of the best wineries in the globe.

Why is Wine Great in Texas?

We have already established that Texas has a great microclimate which allows viticulturists to grow a diverse selection of wine grapes. Besides that, the soil in Texas ranges from red sandy loam to limestone which is perfect for the plants’ development. Also, the terroir in Texas exposes the wine grapes to enough sunshine and a cool night.

Today, there are about 400 wine appellations in Texas which makes it the fifth-largest wine producer in the United States of America. The wine is so great in this state, that many people are finding excellent wines such as the Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon. Most stores can give you good information about the Screaming Eagle wine price. Many wines produced from Texas have been awarded Gold and Silver medals along with other recognition awards from international wine competitions. So let’s find out the best wineries in Texas.

Driftwood Estate Winery

This estate has the most outstanding view of Texas. The Driftwood Estate Winery takes pride in producing the highest quality of wines in Texas but within a reasonable price. This estate has been awarded Bronze up to Gold medals for their Syrah, Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, and many more. The winery also won as the Best Winery in Texas.

La Cruz de Comal Wines

This wine appellation started with their love for wines. A Californian Winemaker met with a Texas wine enthusiast and started their friendship, eventually starting the wine-making business. La Cruz de Comal wines are best known for their one-of-a-kind Troubadour, Wrongheaded Hombre, Petard Blanc, and many more.

Pheasant Ridge Winery

After gaining experience and for the love of wines, Bobby Cox, owner of the Pheasant Ridge Winery started the appellation. Together with his wife, their business grew until their label was recognized by many. Their Pheasant Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon was awarded a gold medal in the San Francisco Wine Competition and their road to greatness began.

Barking Rocks Winery

This winery started when a local native and an Italian worked together to start a simple winery. This small business became a sensation as their family and friends supported them into greatness. Today, they offer their 2015 version of Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot, and Casena.

McReynolds Wines

Starting as scientific researchers, the founders of the McReynolds Wines expanded their vision into wineries. Back in Austin Texas, they purchased a 5-acres land in the Texas Hill Country and ventured in wine-making. In 1995, their Texas Shiraz was recognized and was awarded gold medals in many wine competitions.

Bent Oak Winery

The founders were contemplating for many years whether they can start and handle a winery. Their perseverance and hard work paid off as their winery became one of the most famous in Texas. Now, they were able to produce their 2018 Barbara Texas High Plains, Dolcetto Texas High Plains, Mourvedre Texas High Plains, and many more.

Lost Draw Cellars

The Ottmers have been the owner of a large Gulf Distribution business for four generations. However, they decided to sell it and focus more on winery, thus the Lost Draw Cellars. They decided to utilize the unique terroirs of the Texas High Plains. Today they produce the well-known Viva, Arroyo Rosato, AL Sangiovese, Noel Red Blend, and many more.

Becker Vineyards

The Beckers have been into culinary and wine delights as they continue to search for a log-cabin that they can renovate to be used as a winery. Their Cabernet Sauvignon and Chevaux Noir were awarded a double gold medal in international wine competitions.


Texas is a great state that is blessed with many resources, among which is their world-class wines. These wine appellations continue to serve the world with a high-quality wine like no other. Though many of which are still new to the business, they did not disappoint as their labels continue to be recognized in international wine competitions.

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