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How to Listen to Podcasts

Why You Should Listen to Podcasts

Ready to start listening to the latest Canby news, sports, history, happenings, reviews and interesting conversations? We won’t stop you! Pop over to our full listing of episodes now by clicking here, or finding us on your favorite podcast app. Need a little guidance? No problem, we are here for you! Just keep reading.

On Your Phone

We believe the best way to engage with podcasts is on your phone or mobile device.

Downloading podcasts onto your phone lets you unlock the full mobility and portability of the medium. It’s like radio you can take with you, and listen to whenever you want!

On your commute, at the gym, while taking your morning jog or working in the garden, you can also be enjoying the latest episode of the Canby Now Podcast. Try doing that with a newspaper!

So, how do you do it? Follow these easy steps:

Step 1. Download a Podcast App.

The absolute easiest way to start listening to the Canby Now Podcast on your phone, right now, is to click this button:

This will take you to our page on Google Podcasts. You can download the Google Podcasts app if you like (it’s one that I use), but you don’t have to. Either way, you can download any of our episodes or start streaming from that page.

There are lots of other free, high-quality podcast apps out there, for both iOS (iPhone) and Android: Castbox, TuneIn, RadioPublic, Player FM, Spotify, RadioPublic, and many more.

My favorite — other than Google Podcasts — is Podcast Addict. I definitely recommend it. If you have an iPhone, you actually already have a built-in app called Apple Podcasts, or simply Podcasts. Our host service, Podbean, also has an app. It’s…OK.

Step 2. Find Our Show.

OK, so you have a podcast app. Now what? All you need to do is add or subscribe to our show.

Different apps will have different ways of doing this. There may be an “Add” button that looks like a plus sign (that’s how Podcast Addict works). There may be a “Find Podcasts” or “Search” function. 

However, you do it, simply type “Canby Now” into the search bar and wait for that lovely blue, white and gold logo to show its awesome face. Click on it, then click “Add” or “Subscribe.”

This will add our show to the main feed in your podcast app, so you’ll never have to hunt for us again.

OK, you’re almost there!

Step 3. Download Episodes.

Now that you’ve added our show to your main feed, you can download whatever episodes you want, from our latest and greatest to our classic oldies, from waaaay back in September 2018.

You can keep them for as long as you want, listen to them whenever you want, then delete them and send them on to podcast heaven.

On some podcast apps, you have the option of streaming episodes instead of downloading them. This is a fine way to listen to our stuff as well. 

However, we do caution that you make sure you’re on a wifi signal while you stream. The Canby Now Podcast does not want to be responsible for anybody going over their monthly data allowance!

Step 4. That’s It!

Congratulations! You have joined the some 70 million Americans who listen to podcasts — one of the fastest growing communications mediums in the world! Welcome to the future!

We are a big fan of podcasting in general, obviously. Even if you don’t listen to our show (but, I mean, why wouldn’t you, right?!), we still think you should check out podcasts. Because, whoever you are, whatever you like, there is a show for you out there in Podcast Land.

There are shows about history, shows about Disney Channel Original movies, advice shows, music shows, comedy shows, nerdy shows, sports shows, news shows, tech shows, shows about making money, shows about making cakes, even shows about how to make a cake stuffed with money!

And all these shows are out there now, just waiting to be plucked from the Internet and delivered straight into your earholes. Enjoy!

Oh, wait! One more thing: Seriously, we are here to help. If you have trouble with any part of this process, please contact us by email or on Facebook or Twitter. We would love to talk you through it.

On Your Computer

Some people just don’t want to do the phone thing. Maybe you don’t have a smartphone. Maybe you work from home, and are usually at your computer anyway. Maybe when you go out into the world, you prefer to not have earbuds glued into your ears at all times, unlike us Millennials.

Whatever the reason, we say: That’s cool! One of the best things about podcasts is that there are many ways to engage with and listen to them, and you should definitely do it in whatever way works best for you.

So, if you want to listen to the Canby Now Podcast on your computer, just follow these easy steps:

Step 1. Go to Our Episodes Page.

The first thing you need to do is click over to the Episodes page on our website, there, you’ll find — surprise! — all of our episodes, neatly ordered and just waiting for you to listen to them.

Pro Tip for you here: If you’re going to be using this site a lot, you might want to go ahead and bookmark that sucker.

Step 2. Start Listening!

I know you’re not reading this anymore, because you are a smart human and have already figured out how to take it from here. But, I’m a podcaster, so of course, I love the sound of my own voice, even in written form. So, I’ll continue.

The second and final step here is to simply find the episode you want to listen to and click — you guessed it — the Play button.

Enjoy! And, as always, thanks for listening!